The dis-honoring of Edward S. Harkness: Part 1 (“teaser” poster)

Today we launch a new Unbound Campaign: “The Dis-honoring of Edward S. Harkness.”

It is a two-part poster campaign. Contemporaneously with this blog post, the posters are going up on bulletin boards throughout the Law School so they will be viewable by students and also by alumni, who happening to be visiting this weekend for reunions.

As has been the practice with previous poster campaigns, photos of a few of the bulletin boards will added later, after the posters are up.

Here’s the text of the first poster, a “teaser” poster designed to draw people’s attention to the campaign, so they’ll want to read the full poster, either on the bulletin board or on this blog:

Sorry, Harvard Law students and alumni!

On April 20 you’ll see Justice Kagan dedicate a monument to Finn Caspersen, a schmuck who cheated the IRS out of $100 million, gave $30 million of it to Harvard Law, then blew his brains out as IRS agents closed in.

The corrupt donor is in the ground.

The corrupt fundraiser is on the Supreme Court.

Money talks. Kagan walks.

An Unbound Campaign.

Here’s an image of the poster:


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