Breaking — An Attempt to Censor This Blog

At approximately 11:30 a.m. today, Eastern time, the following comment was left on this blog:

This comment is to notify you that this blog is in violation of the WordPress terms of service and the Digital Millenium Copyright Act, for its unauthorized and illegal impersonation of a Harvard Law School journal. WordPress, its licensed copyright agent, and the Harvard administration have all been contacted about this website. We advise you to permanently delete this site and its contents, and desist from any further impersonations and false representations.

This comment is false. The top right of this blog, and the referenced “About” page, are explicit:  this blog has NO CONNECTION to any Harvard Law School journal, and is not recognized or approved by Harvard Law School in ANY WAY. No e-mail was received calling attention to any issue prior to the posting of this comment. This is a blatant effort to use the DMCA to censor speech that some at Harvard apparently disapprove of.

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