We stand in solidarity with the Black students at Harvard Law School who demand to be excused from finals

The Harvard Black Law Students Association (HBLSA) is currently in the news, with its demand that Blacks at Harvard Law School be allowed to take their finals later (not between December 10-19, as set out in the academic calendar), to facilitate their ability to protest the injustices illustrated by the deaths of #MikeBrown and #EricGarner.

We at Harvard Law Unbound stand in solidarity with our fellow Black students.

(Reminder: we’re not recognized in any way by Harvard Law School, or by Harvard University in general, and we have no connection to Unbound — Harvard Journal of the Legal Left.)

We have an abiding appreciation for the Black students who are admitted in order to supply other students with diverse perspectives. Indeed, many of our friends are Black. We hereby join in endorsing this demand by HBLSA, and we call on Dean Martha Minow to exempt Blacks from the finals schedule.

Tuesday we noticed that the Black students put up dozens of posters, covering up the portraits of past and present law school professors on the first floor of Wasserstein Hall. The posters received nationwide media attention (for example, by ABC).

We may not know much, but we do know posters. The posters put up by the Black students inspired us to create two additional posters for HBLSA to put up, summarizing what are, as best we can tell, the two strongest points weighing in favor of the demand by Black students that they be excused from finals. We are happy to do our part to further this noteworthy demand that justice must be done.

The posters are embedded below (left-click on them for a larger version; right-click to download them and print them out). Underneath each poster is a more web-readable text of the posters, with various hyperlinks included.

We hope this poster campaign, like the one launched by HBLSA on Tuesday, will be covered by the national media.


HBLSA Poster 1

Harvard’s Black law students
to be excused from finals!

EXCUSE # 1: We’re unnerved by the frequent killings of Black males.

Each year in America at least 8,000 Black males are killed.

True, 93% of them are killed by other Black males.

But still, that leaves about 560 of them killed by Whites.

About 100 of those White killers are police officers, and only about 95% of the killings are ultimately ruled justifiable.

So doing the math, that means at least five times a year, White police officers kill Black males without proper justification. (Sure, each year dozens of White police officers are killed by Black criminals, but only #BlackLivesMatter).

For example, in August, a Black teenager (#MikeBrown) was gunned down by a White police officer in Democrat-controlled Ferguson, Mo., just because he robbed a store, disobeyed a lawful order from a police officer, and then tried to disarm and kill the police officer. We still have not gotten over that White officer murdering #MikeBrown.

And a month earlier, a Black man (#EricGarner) was arrested by cops who were following orders from the Democrat mayor of New York City to crack down on sales of black-market cigarettes. #EricGarner was a repeat offender who’d been arrested 30 times before (e.g., for assault and battery, grand larceny, false impersonation, and driving without a license). He illegally resisted arrest, and was caught on video striking a police officer. That led officers forcibly to restrain him. Because of his extremely poor health (morbidly obese asthmatic), even though the police did nothing unwarranted by the circumtances, during the struggle he became short of breath, suffered a heart attack, and later died at a hospital. He was arrested even though a race traitora Black female police sergeant — was in charge, on the scene. We still have not gotten over White officers murdering #EricGarner with Black complicity.

Even though 99% of Black males killed each year are not killed by White police officers, and 95% of those killed by White police officers are justifiably killed, we demand justice for the Black males occasionally killed by White police officers without justification. And we demand to be excused from finals so we can pursue that justice.


HBLSA Poster 2

Harvard’s Black law students
to be excused from finals!

EXCUSE # 2: We spent much of November gunning each other down.

Unfortunately, violence is endemic in Black culture, with 93% of the many thousands of Black males killed each year being killed by other Blacks.

This is beyond our power to change. All we can hope to do, as aspiring lawyers, is to press for the legal system to execute, or at least imprison, the White police officers who murder 1/10th of 1% of the Black males murdered each year. We can do nothing about the 99.9% of other victims, who die as a result of the Black-on-Black violence endemic to Black culture.

Recently, to mentally condition ourselves to a world in which Blacks feel it’s natural and inevitable for Blacks to gun down other Blacks, we staged a tournament in which we pretended to gun each other down. Only by making light of Black-on-Black violence can we manage to cope with it.

Our tournament was a game of “Assassins.” We spent much of November hunting down and “killing” each other. This took a lot of time — so much time that we got behind on studying. Please don’t rush us and make us take exams on the academic schedule set a year ago. That wouldn’t be fair. You see, we HAD to spend all that time playing “Assassins.” It’s our means of coping with the epidemic of Black-on-Black violence.

To find documentation of all the time we spent in November playing “Assassins” — both in stalking our targets, and in hiding from assassins targeting us — just Google “HBLSA” or go directly to our game feed at: SubRosaGames.com/games/212.

[In case that page eventually goes dark, below are a few screencaps.]


01--Nov 11--1pm

02--Nov 11--6pm

03--Nov 11--825pm

04--Nov 12--0100 am

05--Nov 12--814pm

06--Nov 12--856pm

07--Nov 12--941pm

08--Nov 13--1140pm

09--Nov 14--6pm

10--Nov 17--926pm

11--Nov 20--417pm

12--Nov 21--1230pm

13--Nov 24--1am

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